Skilled Migrants: Never give up on your career!
Skilled Migrants: Never give up on your career!

For many skilled migrants, their career ends after migrating to Australia, unfortunately. They give up looking for jobs in their professional field after facing a number of rejections from potential employers who hire people with local experience only. Most of them will end up in jobs that the Australians do not want to do.

They console themselves by saying that in Australia all the jobs are treated equally and they are equally respected, so it does not matter what you do as long as you get paid OK. It is true that in Australia, you get paid well for even the menial jobs, but it is not true that all the jobs are equal. If that was the case, why don’t the Australians want to do those dirty/difficult/dangerous jobs?

Ironically, in Australia, a fresh law graduate gets paid $27 per hour while a painter with no qualification can get paid $50 per hour. Still, the law graduates take up entry-level law jobs with the hope of becoming a barrister and earning a six-figure salary in a few years.

Painters can be trained in a few days, while the lawyer has to be trained for years. They deserve equal respect as professions, but the lawyer will get a higher social status and income in the long run. Thus, do not fool yourself by trying to console yourself and compromising on your career potential. Never ever give up looking for a professional job in your field of expertise.

Get trained in high-demand software/IT skills such as cloud computing, data science, and artificial intelligence if they will give you a competitive edge.

Focus on connections with people. Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky. They're attached to people. If you're looking for an opportunity, you're really looking for a person. Find a person who can help you find your job opportunity! like me ????

Do some pro-bono work or internship, which could lead to temporary work, which could lead to an interview for a full-time job.

And remember, this isn't just about your career; it's about your life!