International Students - Cash Cows?
International Students - Cash Cows?

An international student, on average spends $90,000 on tuition fees and living expenses to achieve a Bachelor of Commerce degree from a reputed Australian University and additional $40,000 to achieve a Master of Professional Accounting degree and then $12,000 to complete a Professional Year Program to secure a career and a permanent residency of Australia.

He/she, if lucky, will secure a job in the professional field and climb the corporate ladder up to a middle management level after several years of hard work and dedication.

He/she, if unlucky and not able to get a break in the industry, will end up in a low skilled job such as a taxi driver and an aged care worker, making the return on investment in his/her expensive Australian education nil.

He/she will work hard, earn a reasonable salary, pay taxes, pay Medicare levy, buy a property & pay off mortgages while making a huge contribution to the Australian economy.

He/she will get married, have kids and bring over his/her parents on a Contributory Parent Migrant Visa by paying $86,000 to the Australian government. His/her parents will work for free for hours daily to look after and raise another 1-3 Australian tax payers.

He/she will have spent a massive $228,000 in total to achieve a comfortable Australian lifestyle with a job, a house, kids and family around. It’s a huge financial burden to him/her but he/she never complain to the Australian government for treating him/her as a cash cow with dollar signs – because Australia is a land of opportunity – worth the costs!!