Hire PHDs – meaning poor, hungry and driven people who are:
Poor in terms of knowledge and are constantly searching to learn more.
Hungry with a tremendous desire to succeed.
Driven to pursue set goals with hard work & dedication.


We are support staffing specialists who help the young people enter the industry by tapping into their skills to meet the staffing needs of the employers cost-effectively and efficiently. We offer a number of unique programs to help businesses hire hardworking, enthusiastic, skilful and loyal employees at no risk.

Host an intern
We have interns who you can host for up to 3 months at no financial costs to help them with work experience.  If suitable for your business, you can hire them at nil recruitment fee. We will organise their internship training agreement and necessary insurances as part of a genuine work experience program compliant with Fair Work Ombudsman's guidelines.

Hire a trainee
We highly recommend that you employ a new staff under a traineeship program and take advantage of the generous government wage subsidy scheme. Eligible employers can receive a subsidy of up to 50% of a new trainee staff’s wage to a maximum amount of $7,000 per quarter within their first year of employment. 

Hire a temporary staff to meet your short-term staffing needs or try before hiring
If you are looking to hire a person for a short-term or ongoing assignment who can hit the ground running, we can provide you with a suitable staff at our low hourly charge rate which includes all on-costs. We will employ the staff and take care of the payroll hassles while you hire and trial them for as long as required.

Employ a permanent staff
If you want to employ a staff for a permanent role, we can help you source, screen and recruit the best staff for the role at our extremely affordable placement fee. 

We have many interns, trainees, graduates and professionals with strong desire to succeed and they have diverse skill sets to meet your individual staffing requirements. No matter your industry, we have suitable staff to fill any job categories!

Why not change the lives of young jobseekers positively by helping them grow their career whilst growing your business by becoming more productive?

We have placed more than 5,000 great staff in over 2,000 businesses since 2007, leading to a win-win situation every time. Let us help you grow your business and make a difference!

Our unique staffing solutions can save you thousands of dollars in salary cost and placement fee per staff. We will design a staffing solution that suits your requirements and demonstrate the savings.

Please contact us on 1300 79 80 69 to discuss your staffing needs.