Hire PHDs – meaning poor, hungry and driven people who are:
Poor in terms of knowledge and are constantly searching to learn more.
Hungry with a tremendous desire to succeed.
Driven to pursue set goals with hard work & dedication.
Budding Talents sources PHDs.

Budding Talents is a unique staffing agency that helps the young people enter the industry by tapping into their skills to meet the staffing needs of Australian companies cost-effectively and efficiently. We offer a number of unique programs to help your business hire hardworking and loyal employees at no risk.

1. Our Professional Internship Program will give you access to the skills of enthusiastic, fully insured and Fair Work guidelines compliant graduate interns from Accounting, Finance, IT, and Engineering background at no financial cost. The interns will work under your supervision on unpaid basis for 3 months to gain professional work experience while you gain the pleasure of assisting them with their career readiness skills. You will gain a spare pair of helping hands at no cost whereas the interns get opportunity to gain valuable experience. You are under no obligation to hire them after internship but you certainly can at $0 placement fee.

2. PaTH Internship Program is an Australian Government initiative whereby you can trial a young person for Customer Service, Administration, Marketing, Sales and Support roles in your business and get help with wage and training cost. The interns will work under your supervision on unpaid basis for 4 to 8 weeks to learn new skills and show how they can be valuable asset to your business. If you decide to hire them, you may be eligible to receive either $6,500 or $10,000 in wage subsidies.

3. Our Career Development Placement Program will let you hire highly enthusiastic and experienced Accounting, IT and Engineering graduates who will give you the maximum return on investment through their outstanding productivity and loyalty for more than a year. You hire the best candidate who suits your team and we help them learn and grow on the job by conducting their performance appraisals. You pay $0 placement fee.

4. Our Support Staffing Solution provides you the opportunity to meet your support staffing needs for short or long term at a low cost and try before you hire. You pay our unbeatable charge rate starting from $33 per hour and upon successful trial for six months, we will help you convert the temporary staff into permanent staff at $0 placement fee. We also have young trainee staff undertaking Australian Traineeship Program available at charge rate of $18 to $26 per hour. You pay one weekly invoice to us for the hours worked and we, as their employer, take the responsibility for their recruitment, on-costs and payroll.

Please let us know your staffing needs and the above option that suits you best. We look forward to providing you with a star team member ASAP! 

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us on 1300 79 80 69.

We can design a staffing solution that is right for your business and demonstrate the savings. Please consider our unbeatable charge rates below:

Skills Level Temporary Hire Hourly Charge out Rates (ex GST) Permanent Placement Fees Staffing Solution
Intern (Not Staff) $0 $0 Interns for unpaid work experience placement for up to 12 weeks in compliance with Fair Work Ombudsman's guidelines: 
Trainee Staff $18 to $26+GST $0 after 1 year Staff training for a vocational qualification under Australian Traineeship Program
Graduate or Support Staff $33 to $40+GST $0 after 6 months Staff qualified with a university degree and some relevant work experience
Professional Staff $40 to $60+GST Ask for quote Staff with relevant qualifications and work experience

While you can continue working with your preferred supplier for recruitment of senior staff, we request you to consider our staffing solutions for comparison when recruiting support staff. Due to our unique staffing model and expertise in this area we guarantee you quality support staff at a highly reduced cost. Why waste your precious staffing dollars on "one size fits all"when you can select the right staff for the right role at the right price!