Skilled Migrants deserve a fair go!
Skilled Migrants deserve a fair go!

Australia entices many highly skilled people from overseas to migrate to Australia by promising them brighter career, better lifestyle, better pay and permanent residence visa in Australia.

Australia has not been so good at delivering the promise though. The better lifestyle only follows when they have a better paying job and it is not easy to get one in Australia. Many skilled migrant jobseekers face racism & discrimination and the lack of support during job search process & the absence of adequate job opportunities prevent them from entering the corporate Australian workforce. A few smart, skilled migrants are able to get a job in their profession and ultimately end up enjoying better pay and Australian dream lifestyle but many end up in low skill-level, low-paying jobs.

If Australia was a corporation, Australia could be sued by the relevant legal authorities for misleading business practices. Up to 70% of the recent skilled migrants who have sold up their belongings, sacrificed their prestigious jobs, separated from their loved ones and betrayed their motherland – end up in Australia doing basic jobs to make the ends meet.

Without skilled migrants Australia cannot survive and Australia understands this. Australian companies should welcome them into corporate Australia so that they can contribute more productively and work with pride. They must not be humiliated as job-thieves who steal jobs away from Australians - they are here to add value. In fact, it is Australia who has stolen them from the poorer countries who need them the most!

By Ryan Shrestha