Keep hard working people in Australia
Keep hard working people in Australia

Currently, Australia has thousands of international students on post-study work visa which provides them with the opportunity to spend two years in Australia to gain practical work experience to accompany their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree qualification completed from an Australian educational institution.

Many international students are from rich families who can afford to spend up to $50,000 per year on their tuition fees and living expenses in Australia. However, there are many international students from not so rich families who have taken huge loans against their family homes to finance their tuition fees and living expenses in Australia. Thus, they must work very hard to recover their investment in education and their intention is to secure a job in their professional field which will eventually help them settle in Australia as permanent residents.

In fact, they are the people with PHDs – meaning poor, hungry and driven people who are: poor in terms of knowledge and are constantly searching to learn more, hungry with a tremendous desire to succeed, driven to pursue set goals with hard work & dedication. If we hire them, our businesses will surely be more productive. Let’s give them a job to keep them in Australia.

They have already invested thousands of dollars in the Australian economy, achieved one or more Australian qualifications and if they stay back, they will be contributing lot more intellectually and financially during their lifetime.

Out of the five richest billionaires in Australia during 2015, except for Gina Rinehart, four of them were migrants to Australia, namely Anthony Pratt (son of Richard Pratt), Harry Triguboff, Frank Lowy and Hui Wing Mau. Australia needs more hungry, smart and entrepreneurial people like them to grow and prosper.

Don’t send the hardworking people back to their developing countries, let’s hire them!

By Ryan Shrestha