Budding Talents on BuzzFeed
Budding Talents on BuzzFeed

We are in BuzzFeed!

It is a well-balanced article that addresses the relevant issues and puts Budding Talents in both negative and positive light. Please read the article till the end.

You have to be a career-oriented person or a skilled migrant struggling to enter the industry to really appreciate our service.

We push the boundaries to create opportunities and change lives for better!

In response to the article:

Our question to ACTU Secretary, Sally McManus, "How did you get your first professional job? We are sure it wasn't easy unless you had some connections with the people in power."

Our questions to the Australian Government, both current-Liberal and past-Labour:
Professional Year Program, endorsed by the Government have been charging up to $16,500 to international students for placing them in 12 weeks of unpaid internships with the lure of 5 extra points for migration, since the last 9 years. Isn't that exploitation? We charge $1,870 for 12 weeks of unpaid internship with satisfaction guarantee!

Permanent skilled migrants deserve a chance to gain the local work experience, so they can fulfil their dream of a happy life in Australia by working as accountants, IT professionals and engineers instead of competing with our young Australian jobseekers for basic jobs in hospitality and retail industry. Shouldn't they be supported in their job hunt in a new country? We are doing the Government's job by helping them gain local experience and they are happy to pay our fees (no expense to the tax payers)!

Our question to Labour Party who opposes PaTH internship: Young Australians deserve a chance to realise their worth in life. Don't you think they are better off on the job learning work skills than being on dole at the tax payers' expense and suffer from depression? We are promoting PaTH internships to change their lives for better! Unpaid internship for few weeks may sound like exploitation but it is necessary to minimise the hiring risks of the employer.

As per the legal advice given in the article, we will be placing the interns under our "Prove Your Skills Internship" with at least minimum wages. Thank you for the free advice.

We run a transparent, honest and ethical business - our services are clearly explained on our website - what you see is what you get. We always make the candidates aware of their work rights and the employers aware of their obligations under Fair Work Australia's guidelines.

We have helped more than 4,000 candidates in the last 10 years and according to Fair Work Australia there have not been any complaints lodged against us till date. We hope to change many more lives for better and help Australian businesses grow and thrive.