About Us

Budding Talents Recruitment Pty Ltd (trading as STUDY AND WORK) is a unique career management and recruitment agency that has successfully tapped into the skills of students, graduates and permanent skilled migrants to meet the staffing needs of Australian employers - cost-effectively and efficiently. We offer aspiring job seekers a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study or overseas profession to a successful career in Australia through our internship, graduate and professional job placement programs.

We believe that we provide the best career advice and job placement services to help our candidates enter the job market. We make sure that they always get the best out of the opportunity we facilitate for them, resulting in multitudes of success stories.

We work in partnership with leading Australian and multinational companies. We have a team of passionate, focused and personable consultants who have proven skills in their chosen sectors to match the most suitable candidates with the host companies and the employers.

We are:
• Compassionate – listen to you
• Fair - believe in fair go for all
• Honest – tell you the reality
• Creative – challenge norms to make a difference

We want to:
• Change lives, positively
• Help businesses become productive
• Grow Australian economy by investing in future workforce

We work with candidates who:
• want to earn while they learn
• want to gain industry work experience to fulfil their academic requirements
• want to revive their career after migrating to Australia
• want to prove their worth to a potential employer
• want to get a graduate job in their field of study
• want to change their professional job for better pay and growth prospects

We make the impossible, possible. We give hope to hopeless. We organise work experience to those who cannot get a job due to lack of work experience. While other recruitment agencies say NO, we say why NOT?

We go by Hire for Attitude and Train for Skills

We hire people with PHDs – meaning poor, hungry and driven people who are poor in terms of knowledge and are constantly searching to learn more, hungry with a tremendous desire to succeed, and driven to pursue set goals with hard work & dedication.

We have matched more than 5,000 interns, trainees, graduates, skilled migrants with over 2,000 Australian and multinational companies Australia wide since 2007.

We do placements in most job categories within major cities of Australia.

A message from the founder: