Professional Staffing Solution

100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee
In the event that a staff member proves unsatisfactory within the first 100 days of employment, we will provide a replacement within 4 weeks of the date of notification of cessation of employment. Should we be unable to find a suitable replacement, we will issue a credit note to the value of 100% of the original fee, to be utilised within 12 months of the credit being raised.

Our unconditional financial guarantee is the longest and the strongest in the industry! We work with candidates, who are highly qualified, industry experienced, resourceful and driven. They need a job, not just want to work!

It is widely reported that Australia is facing a skills crisis and it is hard to find good employees. We are the first recruitment agency of its kind in Australia who is able to tap into the pool of graduates, professionals and permanent skilled migrant candidates. Thus, we have access to talent base that is usually overlooked by other traditional recruitment agencies.

We ensure that our network and selection process of our candidates is of an exceptionally high standard. Our team of recruiters individually source each candidate, so that we can offer a personal service that revolves around efficiency, detail and accuracy.

Quality Staff Guarantee:
We find you the best staff possible through our vigorous recruitment process. We advertise, screen, interview, reference check and provide you with a short list of candidates with the skill, experience and attributes you require.

Best Value for Money Guarantee:
Our placement fee is set at the lowest among the market rates. Please contact us for a quote.

We charge a recruitment fee only after a successful placement and even then, you have 100 days to satisfy yourself that the candidate is right for your business.

Temporary Recruitment:
We have Temps to help you meet deadlines, special projects, back-fill positions when staff are on leave or to cover peaks in demand for as long as you require them. You pay one weekly invoice to us and we, as the employer, take the responsibility for all on-costs such as Payroll Tax, Worker's Comp, Superannuation and PAYG.

Try Before You Hire:
If you want to hire a permanent staff member but want to make sure you find a suitable person before making a long-term commitment, why not trial a tempfirst. Uponasuccessful trial, we will help you convert the temp staff intoa permanent placement. Placement fee for temp-to-permanent engagement will be reduced by 1% from our quoted permanent placement fee for each completed calendar month worked on an assignment.

International Talent Pool:
We also have multi-lingual candidates who can broaden your client base in new markets and increase customer satisfaction.

Maximum ROI:
We find you the best staff possible within your budgeted salary who are highly talented and productive.