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Successful people invest in themselves and use this investment to fulfil their dreams and career goals.

Focus your energy on building skills, learning from real world experiences and the people around you, putting theory into practice and developing a vision for the future. Become an expert at your job, prove your skills and sell yourself.

Budding Talents Recruitment can help you achieve all these through our Professional Internship Program, connecting you to reputed Australian and multinational companies.

Gain the work experience you need for the dream job you want!

At Budding Talents Recruitment, we work on your behalf and we work hard to help you get your foot in the door of the employer. We want to help you secure a job but it is not always possible due to the intense competition in the job market. These are the facts that:

About 90% of the advertised job vacancies are managed by recruitment agencies who work for the best interest of employers. They aren't there to help you, they are there to look for flaws and weaknesses in order to eliminate you from the list of applicants.

About 35% of the job vacancies are never advertised by the employer, they are filled through referrals, internal promotions and internships.

Thus, if you want to secure that job you desperately want and deserve, you must market directly to the employers. We encourage you to seriously consider undertaking our Professional Internship Program which completes the missing link called ‘Australian work experience’ which is crucial for successful entry into the Australian workforce. It provides you with a precious opportunity to gain relevant work experience, be familiar with Australian work culture and industry practices, prove your skills to a potential employer and possibly secure a job offer after internship.

Though Professional Internship Program does not guarantee you employment (because job offer depends on your performance and the host company’s staffing requirement), it will arm you will confidence and industry knowledge to effectively market yourself to the potential employers directly. 

Professional Internship Program is available in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Engineering. We have internship opportunities in the following roles:

We have exciting internship opportunities in accounting support roles in number of Australia's leading commercial companies and accounting firms. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • Ledger Entry and Book-keeping
  • Income and Expenditure Reports, Profit and Loss Statements and Trial Balances
  • Business Activity Statements & Tax reports
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliations and Petty Cash Reconciliations
  • Payroll Preparation
  • Tax returns for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts, superannuation etc.
  • MYOB, Handy Ledger, Handy Tax, Quick Book, Solutions
We have exciting internship opportunities in finance support roles in number of Australia's leading finance and insurance companies. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • Process and prepare financial and business forms for the purpose of checking account balances, facilitating purchases, etc.
  • Perform routine calculations to produce analysis and reports as requested by the finance director
  • Review and adhere to department budgets
  • Collect and enter data for various financial spreadsheets
  • Review and audit financial statements and reports, ensure all calculations and data entries are correct
  • Answers question and provide assistance to stakeholders, customers, and clients as needed
  • Suggest changes or improvements to increase accuracy, efficiency, and cost reductions
We have exciting internship opportunities in marketing support roles in number of Australia's leading commercial companies. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • compiling and distributing financial and statistical information such as budget spreadsheets
  • analysing questionnaires
  • writing reports, company brochures and similar documents
  • organising and hosting presentations and customer visits
  • assisting with promotional activities
  • visiting customers/external agencies
  • helping to organise market research
  • work closely with employees in other functions, such as advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution.
We have exciting internship opportunities in HR support roles in number of Australia's leading commercial companies. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • Assist with day to day operations of the HR functions and duties
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to Human Resources executives
  • Compile and update employee records (hard and soft copies)
  • Process documentation and prepare reports relating to personnel activities (staffing, recruitment, training, grievances, performance evaluations etc.)
  • Coordinate HR projects (meetings, training, surveys etc.) and take minutes
  • Deal with employee requests regarding human resources issues, rules, and regulations
  • Assist in payroll preparation by providing relevant data
We have exciting internship opportunities in IT support roles in number of Australia's leading technology companies and IT consulting firms. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • Systems administration and server support
  • Website design and support, SEO
  • Software testing and Quality Assurance
  • Provide 1st and 2nd level desktop support
  • Assist in design and administration of networks and databases
  • Assist in development & implementation of software, websites and applications
  • Assist IT Project Manager in administration, coordination and implementation
  • Assist Business Analyst in business intelligence and data analysis
  • IT Sales
We have exciting internship opportunities in IT support roles in number of Australia's leading technology companies and IT consulting firms. The types of tasks you will complete on a daily basis may include:
  • Support IT Project Manager with analysis, development implementation and reporting of IT projects
  • Coordinate all IT projects and ensure company resources are utilized appropriately
  • Identify and analyse systems requirements and define project scope, requirements, and deliverables
  • Coordinate project activities and ensure all project phases are documented appropriately
  • Analyse and report on project schedule e.g. critical path, slippages, deliverables, dependencies and milestones
  • Manage project financials using ERP
  • Manage meetings including scheduling meetings and workshops, preparing meeting minutes, pro-actively following-up action updates
  • Identify and resolve technical problems
  • Assist in software testing and quality assurance
  • Provide technical support or user training
  • Act as link between end users, technical staff, vendors and management
We have exciting internship opportunities in engineering support roles in number of Australia's leading engineering companies. The types of tasks you will complete on daily basis may include:
  • undertaking technical and feasibility studies including site investigations
  • using a range of computer software for developing detailed designs
  • undertaking complex calculations
  • compiling job specs and supervising tendering procedures
  • resolving design and development problems
  • managing budgets and project resources
  • scheduling material and equipment purchases and deliveries
  • making sure the project complies with legal requirements, especially health and safety
  • assessing the sustainability and environmental impact of projects

We are confident that we offer one of the best intenship programs in the maket because we make sure that you achieve the maximum benefit out of the internship opportunity. We use the following process to match interns with host companies and to ensure that the placement is of mutual benefit:

1 Intern submits application form and supporting documents online or in person
2 Intern is interviewed by our Placement Consultants and their career aspirations and competencies discussed
3 Upon successful application, an Administration Fee of $110 is payable which guarantees at least 3 interview opportunities within 8 weeks, otherwise it is refunded
4 Intern's Customised Profile prepared
5 Intern's Customised Profile supplied to Host Company
6 Intern is briefed about Host Company, role and interview techniques
7 Intern's face-to-face interview conducted by Host Company. Intern gets the first hand opportunity to assess Host Company and role.
8 Feedback given to both Intern and Host Company
9 Upon successful interview, Confirmation of Placement letter is sent to Intern along with invoice for Program Fee
10 Time-table, Job Description and Training Plan for Intern is negotiated with Host Company
12 Mid Performance Appraisal of Intern by Host Company is facilitated in Week 6 and feedback is provided to both
13 Final Performance Appraisal of Intern by Host Company is facilitated in Week 12 and feedback is provided to Intern
14 Confirm with Host Company for a possibility of Ongoing Paid Job Offer to Intern
15 In absence of Ongoing Paid Job Offer, a Reference Letter for Intern is requested to Host Company

Area of Placement


Program Fee+
Work Experience Insurances+GST

General Internships 12 weeks $1,100 to $1,500
Engineering and Specialist Internships 12 weeks $1,800
PaTH Internships
(Australian Government Initiative – You must be Australian citizen or permanent resident between the age of 17 to 24 and receiving income support for at least 6 months to be eligible)
4-12 weeks $0

We have placed more than 4,000 interns in over 1,000 reputed host companies since 2007. Our host companies consist of leading Australian & multinational companies including accounting firms, technology businesses, engineering contractors, financial institutions, logistics businesses, retail chains, 5 star hotels, consulting firms and more.

NO BACK-TO-BACK INTERNSHIPS which means we do not encourage the host companies to host one intern after another like most other internship placement agencies do. Instead, we encourage them to hire the intern after internship which is the best thing to do after investing so much in their training.

HIGH INTERNSHIP TO JOB PLACEMENT Most of our host companies utilise our service as a trial before hiring which means you get a chance to prove your skills to a potential employer and your chance of getting employed after the internship is much higher. Whether you will get the job offer will depend on your job performance and the host company's staffing needs at the time you complete your internship. Almost 1 in 3 interns get employed by our host companies!

If you want the work experience gained during the internship to meet the academic credits, we can customise our Professional Internship Program to meet your specific academic requirements. We will ensure that you receive the on-the-job training compatible with your course objectives.

At Budding Talents Recruitment, our number one priority is you, our interns! We work hard to find reputed host companies who offer invaluable work experiences that we hope will benefit you immensely.

Here is our guarantee to you:

When you are placed in an internship, if you are not satisfied with the work experience offered by the host company, we'll find you a replacement internship that will make you happy. Because when you're happy, we're happy! And if you're not, then rest assured we'll do everything possible to remedy it straight away!

Internship opportunities are available throughout the year, but we recommend you to apply at least 2 months before your intended start date. This enables us to find you the most suitable internship, organise interviews, confirm placement and develop a training plan with the host company.

Generally internships are unpaid placements as you will be gaining valuable experience in your chosen profession as part of a training program. Some host companies may offer allowances at their own discretion.

Please apply online by completing the Online Application Form. One of our consultants will contact you ASAP to set up a time for an assessment interview.

We do placements in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Canberra. Contact us on 1300 79 80 69 for more information.

We have helped more than 4,000 happy customers! Below is a glimpse of what some say about our internship program:
After I obtained the Master of Professional Accounting degree from The University of Sydney, I started my job hunting. However, since I didn't have PR and local working experience, it was difficult for me to find an entry-level accounting job. Therefore, I changed my strategy and decided to find a job agency to give me some career advice. After research, I chose Studyandwork who placed me in an internship program in a large sized telecommunications company within just one week after my initial interview. Now, I am working for this company for one year and a half. I highly recommend Studyandwork because of its reliable and professional service."
- Alison Zhang
I attended Studyandwork’s internship programme during last year and I successfully got a full-time job offer after my internship. I know it’s quite hard for an overseas student to get a full-time accounting job, especially without a PR. However, Studyandwork helped me to make my dream come true. I have been referring my friends to join this programme since then."
- Bing Liu
As a fresh accounting graduate who had little hands-on experience and struggled to find the first job, I was lucky to be introduced to StudyandWork. With their knowledge and expertise in the industry, they gave me valuable advice about career positioning and placed me in a dream job. What impressed me was instead of randomly matching me with any company, they carefully listened to my wishes and abilities then offering me several options to choose with clear pros and cons in each alternative. After that, I was well informed about the company cultures, their expectations and their intention of hiring from intern to perm which clearly gave me a cutting-edge advantage compared to other candidates. Finally, I started the position of an intern and became a permanent staff after 3 months. Looking back, I'm happy that I didn't waste my time searching jobs without a sound understanding about the local job market. I chose a smart way, consulting the expert and hence saving a lot of time and effort for career progressing, not career seeking."
- Derek Dao
When I graduated from the university, all I owned was just the skills and knowledge which I learnt in university. I found it very difficult for a graduate to secure a good job without any work experience. Thanks to Studyandwork, they helped me source an internship opportunity working in a local non-profit organization as a financial assistant. This job offered me a real-world experience of how financial accounting looks like and what the basic duties are. During 3-month internship program, I not only learnt many accounting skills, but also got to know the local business culture and etiquette. I do believe three-month internship gave me a lot of experience and paved a path to my next job in this industry. Luckily, I've secured another full-time job after this internship program. Thanks, Studyandwork!"
- Grace Lin
After I graduated from Macquarie University, I had a few retail experiences but none accounting-related. I was lucky enough that Studyandwork found me a placement in a listed international company. I did 3 months internship as an Accounts Assistant and I gain a lot of office and accounting experience which you can’t learn from university. When the internship came to the end, my manager offered me a full-time position as an Accounting Analyst. Without the internship experience, I will not have had such a great opportunity. Whenever my friends are looking for jobs, I will always recommend StudyandWork."
-Rachel Lin

We have placed thousands of students, graduates and permanent skilled migrants under our Professional Internship Program in internship roles and they have worked their way up to achieve challenging and rewarding positions in reputed Australian and multinational companies. We helped them get their foot in the door of corporate Australia and they have worked very hard to get to where they are now. We are very proud of them and they are an inspiration to all the students, recent graduates and new permanent skilled migrants out there. Below is a randomly selected sample of our alumni who were hired by the host companies and where they are now:

SN Candidate Name Highest Qualification University Current Employer Current Position
1 Mr Utchil Patel Bachelor of Information Technology Australian Catholic University Optus Independent Contractor
2 Ms Ashwitha Alva Bachelor of Computer Applications Bangalore University, India Pen CS IT - QA Analyst
3 Ms Nimisha Gupta Master of Business Administration Birla Institute of Technology, India Euler Hermes Underwriting support officer
4 Ms Ashmika Maharjan Master of Accounting Central Queensland University Ascender HCM Payroll Administrator
5 Mr Renu Maharjan Master of Information Technology Central Queensland University Interactive Pty Ltd Service Desk Analyst
6 Mr Sonam Sherpa Bachelor of Information Technology Central Queensland University Select Software UI Specialist
7 Mr Nikhil Shrestha Master of Information Technology Charles Sturt University Australian Payments Network IT Support Engineer
8 Mr Sailendra Sthapit Master of Professional Accounting Charles Sturt University Classic Ceramics Purchasing Officer
9 Mr Sachin Shrestha Master of Accounting and Finane Charles Sturt University Hill-Rom Financial Analyst
10 Mr Arsalan Akhtar Master of Project Management Curtin University STS Systems Pty Ltd Quality Control Engineer
11 Ms Nanccy Xavier Bachelor of Commerce Deakin University ONCALL Personnel and Management Accounts Receivable Officer
12 Mr Dhananjaya Warunasinghe Bachelor of Commerce Deakin University ONCALL Personnel and Management Accounts Receivable Officer
13 Mr Mahmood Hassan Bachelor of Business Accounting Deakin University Ask Data Service Consultants Data Analyst
14 Mr Rohit Bohra Master of Business Administration Deakin University Keen to Clean Group Chief Executive Officer
15 Mr Mahendra Cacaluri Master of Information Systems Management Federation University Citi Bank Software Development Engineer
16 Mr Sujan Neupane Masters in Business Administration Institute of Business Management and Research, India Datacom Project Manager
17 Ms Binazir Masoudi Master of Professional Accounting James Cook University Kosmas & Co Staff Tax Accountant
18 Ms Aruna Shree Madina Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India Ebix Australia Test Analyst
19 Ms Kanchana Veeramachanen Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India NBays IT Solutions Pty Ltd Test Analyst
20 Mr Rakesh Kethu Master of Computer Systems Networking Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, India Global Health Limited Implementation Analyst
21 Mr Ram Charan Penumatsa Master of Information Technology La Trobe University Avaxa Pty Ltd Software Developer
22 Mr Vijay Reddy Master of Telecommunications and Networking La Trobe University Education Services Australia System Administrator
23 Mr Archey Cheng Master of Accounting Macquarie University DBC Advisory Pty Ltd Accountant
24 Mr Joshua Randabuya Bachelor of Commerce Macquarie University Global Hospitality Solutions (GHS) Assistant Accountant
25 Ms Molly Lim Bachelor of Accounting Macquarie University Robert Bates & Co Tax Accountant
26 Mr Kevin Li Master of Accounting Macquarie University Imagine Accounting Accountant
27 Ms Atisha Dangol Singh Master of Business Administration Madurai Kamaraj University, India Peoplebank Payroll Officer
28 Ms Sruthi Namboodiri Master of Business Administration Mahatma Gandhi University, India Vincent Newey Public Accountant Assistant Accountant
29 Ms Lan Nguyen Bachelor of Accounting Monash University Knightstone Accountant
30 Mr Madhawa Fernando Master of Electrical Engineering Monash University Consultel Design Engineer
31 Mr Moinul Islam Bachelor of Accounting and Finance North South University, Bangladesh My Accounts Accountant
32 Mr Machchhindra KC Taxation in Australia Tax Institute of Australia R2M Accountants Director & Tax Consultant
33 Mr Bishal Bhatta Bachelor of Computer Engineering Tribhuwan University, Nepal Visual Link IT Pty Ltd Web Developer
34 Mr Raquib Ferdous Bachelor of Electrical Engineering University of Malaya, Malaysia Star Group of Companies Australia Project Engineer
35 Ms Addie Xiangning Jiang Master of Accounting University of Melbourne Australian College of Optometry Project Accountant Trainee
36 Mr Steven Ye Master of Business Administration University of Melbourne The Kraft Heinz Company Senior Finance Analyst
37 Ms Hillary Xu Master of Accounting University of New South Wales Richards Mining Services Company Accountant
38 Mr Terry Wang Master of Accounting University of New South Wales Jindu Development Group Finance Manager
39 Mr Lambert Liang Master of Professional Accounting University of New South Wales Pitcher Partners Senior Analyst
40 Mr Ritesh Mishra Master of Professional Accounting University of New South Wales Logicca Chartered Accountants Management Accountant
41 Ms Minal Durve Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering University of Pune, India Planit Software Testing Test Analyst
42 Mr Rodney Wu Bachelor of Commerce University of Queensland CBRE Asia Pacific Commercial Analyst
43 Ms Feifei Fei Master of Applied Finance University of Queensland Bentleys Qld Pty Ltd Graduate Accountant
44 Mr Jason Nguyen Master of Accounting University of South Australia Horizon Global Graduate Accountant
45 Ms Parita Leuva Master of Professional Accounting University of Southern Queensland Royale Limousines Company Accountant
46 Mr Thiruloga Chandar Jayabalan Master of Computing Technology and Networks University of Southern Queensland The Good Guys Database Administrator
47 Ms Yuqin Wang (Grace) Master of Accounting University of Sydney Fiducian Financial Services Assisstant Accountant
48 Mr Kuldip Bajracharya Graduate Certificate in Architectural Science University of Sydney NettZero Pty Ltd Sustainability Engineer
49 Mr Tiffany Cheng Master of Professional Accounting University of Sydney Brentnalls NSW Senior Accountant
50 Mr Cliff Ni Master of Business Accounting University of Tasmania Euler Hermes Financial Accountant
51 Mr Muhammad Ibrahim Master of Engineering and Industrial Management University of Technology, Sydney Howden Australia Design Engineer
52 Mr Isabel Shen Master of Commerce University of Technology, Sydney Egroup Pty Ltd Financial Accountant
53 Ms Sikha Dahal Master of Professional Accounting University of Wollongong Yates Security Group Pty Ltd Accountant
54 Ms Shaistha Khanum Bachelor of Information Technology Visvesvaraya Technological University, India Smokeball Australia .Net developer

Before you accept an internship offer from any agency, ask them whether you are the one who will be benefiting the most from the internship, not the host company. Also ask them whether they will change your host company if you are not satisfied with the work experience given. Budding Talents Recruitment provides internships with Satisfaction Guarantee in compliance with Fair Work Ombudsman's guidelines.

Know your work rights. Visit: