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Keep hard working people in Australia

Currently, Australia has thousands of international students on post-study work visa which provides them with the opportunity to spend two years in Australia to gain practical work experience to accompany their bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree qualification completed from an Australian educational institution. Many...

Skilled Migrants deserve a fair go!

Australia entices many highly skilled people from overseas to migrate to Australia by promising them brighter career, better lifestyle, better pay and permanent residence visa in Australia. Australia has not been so good at delivering the promise though. The better lifestyle only follows when they have a better paying job and it is n...


Recently, I interviewed a degree qualified mother for a consultant role. I asked her what her last job was. She replied with confidence, “Full-time mom for the last two years.” I asked her what skills she can bring to the new role from her past work experience. She replied even more confidently, “Excellent organisational skills, t...

International Students - Cash Cows?

An international student, on average spends $90,000 on tuition fees and living expenses to achieve a Bachelor of Commerce degree from a reputed Australian University and additional $40,000 to achieve a Master of Professional Accounting degree and then $12,000 to complete a Professional Year Program to secure a career and a permanent residency of Au...

Budding Talents on BuzzFeed

We are in BuzzFeed! It is a well-balanced article that addresses the relevant issues and puts Budding Talents in both negative and positive light. Please read the article till the end. You have to be a career-oriented person or a skilled migrant struggling to enter the industry to really appreciate our service....

International students need help during COVID-19 crisis

We have more than 570,000 international students in Australia and it is believed that they contribute about $35 billion dollars to the Australian economy. Not all of them are from rich families who can afford to pay more than what it is worth to get a so called world-class Australian education. Many must work part-time to cover their living expense...

The STUDYANDWORK Report August 2020

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The STUDYANDWORK Report December 2020

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Skilled Migrants: Never give up on your career!

For many skilled migrants, their career ends after migrating to Australia, unfortunately. They give up looking for jobs in their professional field after facing a number of rejections from potential employers who hire people with local experience only. Most of them will end up in jobs that the Australians do not want to do. They cons...

15 Australian Talent Management Agencies to Watch in 2022

Managing Director Ryan Shrestha is very proud to lead Budding Talents Recruitment, the first talent recruitment agency in Australia to focus entirely on students and graduates. As such, they specialise in internships, traineeships, and graduate job placements. They’re passionate about giving inexperienced candidates an opportunity to be of va...