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Some of our services

Career management and recruitment agency
At STUDYANDWORK, we help trainees, graduates and permanent skilled migrants enter the Australian corporate workforce by preparing them for the job market and marketing them to the potential employers based on their core competencies, not just their previous work experiences.

We provide the employers with excellent candidates who may be lacking in local work experience but are hardworking, talented, enthusiastic and desperate to learn & grow. We minimise their risks associated with hiring a person by letting them try before hiring through our unique staffing solutions which always lead to a win-win-win situation as they are good for the jobseekers, good for the employers and great for Australia's skills building!
We can work on behalf of the jobseekers for career management and the employers for recruitment.

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We have placed more than 5,000 candidates in over 2,000 businesses since 2007, leading to a multitude of success stories.
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