Trainee Staffing Solution

Who gave you your first start?
Remember what that meant to you?
It's up to all of us to do our part to up-skill Australia and ensure that the next generation has a bright future in the global economy.

Budding Talents Recruitment can help you find enthusiastic candidates with the drive and commitment to learn on the job and the ability to add value to your business, without any hassle and at absolutely no recruitment fee! Our unique staffing model can help you recruit enthusiastic, motivated and skilful trainee staff and at the same time, potentially reduce your direct labour costs. We can design a staffing solution that is right for your business and demonstrate the savings.

As the primary employer of the trainee, we take responsibility for their recruitment, training, administration and flexibility.

We employ trainees under Australian Traineeship Program (a government initiative) and hire them out to organisations like yours on a short or long-term basis. Because we participate in the recruitment of trainees and take on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer, the employer burden rests with us. We handle the payroll, ensure the trainee is work-ready, and organise their vocational training at a registered training organisation. By not havingthe trainee on your own payroll, you have the flexibility to adjust quickly to changing market conditions. If business is slow or things just don't work out, you can simply hand the trainee back to us. You will be completely free of the hassle of paperwork and the risks involved with hiring a new staff under thetraineeship agreement.

We guarantee you the best trainee staff possible at the best pricing.

You can complement and support your team with our trainee staff and lower your overall costs. Trainees are keen to work and cost significantly less than regular hires. Our charge-out rate ranges from just $17.50 to $25 per hour, depending on the age and the skills level of the trainee. The rate includes staff salary, worker's compensation, liability insurances, superannuation, tuition fees, mentoring costs and PAYG. You simply pay one weekly invoice to us depending on the hours worked by the trainee. 

Our traineeship program combines practical on-the-job experience with a flexible, self-paced work based study component delivered online by our partner RTO (Registered Training Organisation).

We can fill the following positions immediately:

  • Administration Assistant, Receptionist, Executive Assistant
  • Sales Assistant, Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative
  • Human Resources Assistant, Payroll Officer, Legal Assistant, Marketing Coordinator
  • Finance Officer, Accounts Assistant, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper, Credit Officer,  Loan Officer, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Administrator, Claims Officer, Compliance Officer
  • Network Administrator, Digital Media Development Technician, Help Desk Officer, Technical Support, Database Support, Web Developer, Assistant Web Designer

Hiring a trainee staff leads to a win-win-win situation as it is good for trainees, good for your business and great for Australia's skill building!

You may not have a job vacancy at present but you can consider creating one as a trainee can help you increase productivity at a low cost. Please let us know your job requirements. We look forward to finding you a star trainee.