Trainee Staffing Solution

STUDYANDWORK is a staffing agency that specialises in support staff. If you are looking to hire a trainee as a support staff, we have a very flexible and cost-effective staffing solution.  Under our Trainee Staffing Solution, we source, screen and employ high quality trainees and hire them to you at a low charge rate.

How does Trainee Staffing Solution work?

As the primary employer of the trainee, we take responsibility for their recruitment, training, administration and flexibility. We employ trainees under Australian Traineeship Program (an Australian Government initiative) and hire them out to businesses like yours on a short or long-term basis. Because we participate in the recruitment of trainees and take on the contractual and administrative responsibilities of the employer, the employer burden rests with us. We handle the payroll, ensure the trainee is work-ready, and organise their online training which they can study at their own pace and convenience.

How will your business benefit?
  • You can complement and support your team with a trainee staff and lower your overall costs. Trainees are keen to work and cost significantly less than regular hires.
  • They will be our legal employees, alleviating you of any burden associated with employing direct.
  • If you run out of work or if things just don’t work out, you can simply hand them back to us at any time with 2 week’s notice.
  • You will be completely free of the hassles of paperwork. We will take care of their recruitment, payroll and termination of employment.
  • We will organise the traineeship agreement with Australian Government and enrol them in a suitable course that will help them do their job better.
  • Due to our low charge rate, you will save thousands of dollars in staffing costs and you can enjoy the luxury of having a pair of helping hands!
  • You should be able to claim the tax advantages of hiring a staff as a contractor (Please check with your accountant).

How much does it cost to hire a trainee?

We guarantee you the best possible trainee at the best price. Our charge is just $29+GST per hour. The rate includes staff salary, worker's compensation, liability insurances, superannuation, tuition fees, mentoring costs and PAYG. You simply pay one weekly invoice to us depending on the hours worked by the trainee.

If you wish to hire them directly on  your employment terms, we charge a placement fee of $2,000+GST. You may qualify for a Federal Government incentive of $4,000 upon sucessful completion of traineeship, when you hire them directly.

What type trainees are available?

We have trainees who might need some some hand-holding in the beginning but will hit the ground running in no time. They can fill the following job roles:


  • Administration Assistant, Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Legal Secretary, Office Manager
  • Sales Assistant, Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Call Centre Operator
  • Human Resources Assistant, Marketing Coordinator
  • Finance Officer, Accounts Assistant, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper, Loan Officer, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Agent, Payroll Officer
  • Network Administrator, Help Desk Officer, Technical Support
  • Travel Consultant, Recruitment Consultant, Hotel Service Manager, Retail Supervisor
  • Dental Assistant, Medical Receptionist, Aged or Disabled Carer, Welfare Support Worker
  • Store Person, Dispatch and Receiving Clerk

How to get started?

We have matched more than 5,000 interns, trainees and graduates with over 2,000 Australian businesses since 2007. Hiring a trainee leads to win-win-win situation as you will be growing your business, helping change a young person’s life positively and investing in Australia’s skills building!
Please contact us on 1300 79 80 69 to discuss your business needs or simply complete the online Staff Request Form.

We will advertise, source and screen the potential candidates and provide you with a shortlist of 2 to 3 best candidates for interview. Upon successful interview, the selected trainee will join your team on the agreed date and we will take care of the rest of the hassles!

We look forward to providing you a star trainee ASAP!