“When you focus on good, the good gets better” is my mantra and I’m the founder and Managing Director of STUDYANDWORK. I love working with people and changing lives and so does my team. We look forward to helping you achieve your dream job or hire outstanding talent.

We are a bunch of passionate Talent Acquisition Specialists and Career Advisors who can help you make the right decision when it comes to career or staff choice.

You are welcome to contact me at ryan@studyandwork.com.au


I have been working with STUDYANDWORK as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for more than 4 years. The favourite thing about my job is the sense of collaboration, which I believe is the core of everything we do. We always endeavour to work collaboratively to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved. I also look after the HR function of our organisation.

I look after the candidates and the clients based in Perth and Sydney. Feel free to contact me at summer@studyandwork.com.au


“Be you, be sure you know what it is you really want and do not accept less than what your heart tells you in all you do.”

I 'm a Talent Acquisition Specialist at STUDYANDWORK. I have a degree in IT and I specialise in IT job and staffing placements in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. If you are from these areas, you are welcome to contact me for help at robin@studyandwork.com.au


This job is all about connecting right person at the right job and I am kind of good at it! That’s why I love my work here at STUDYANDWORK as one of the Talent Acquisition Consultants.

I am your right person if you are based in Melbourne and have an educational background from the field of Engineering, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain Management, Hospitality and Event Management! I also look after candidates from Adelaide of all backgrounds!

Feel free to reach me at phoebe@studyandwork.com.au with your queries/suggestions.


I’m a dedicated Talent Acquisition Specialist and Business Development Manager who is persistent and doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get you a dream job or find the right employee. Life beyond work: I’m fully committed to my family, friends, food, cricket and loads of laugh.

You are welcome to contact me to discuss about your needs at shane@studyandwork.com.au


“It is not just matching people looking for jobs with open positions- it is about having foresights in the companies’ needs and empathy for the client’s true career aspirations.”

I am a result-driven Talent Acquisition Specialist with high energy and passion for sourcing and recruiting top talents. I identify and match cutting edge creative talents with career changing opportunities.

I specialise in IT job and staffing placements in Sydney and Brisbane. Feel free to reach me at Roger@studyandwork.com.au with your all your queries.


As one of the enthusiastic and hardworking team members of “STUDYANDWORK”, I love to connect with people and help them to have that growth and also work on myself with a motto of “learning experience” in my life.

If you are based in Sydney then I am one of the Talent Acquisition Specialists whom you can reach out for the career counselling specialized in Engineering, Accounts, Finance, HR, Marketing, Project Management and admin roles. Feel free to contact me at sarah@studyandwork.com.au with your queries.


I joined STUDYANDWORK team as a Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist for VIC based clients in late 2016 and have not looked back ever since. I have been enjoying a relatively long career of engaging and placing candidates that are well-aligned to client employers’ culture and skill matrix. I specialise in technical and business recruitment in IT, Accounting, Engineering and Business sectors building strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders.

Whether you are a Candidate looking for your next career opportunity in Melbourne, or a Client needing to partner with a recruiter who will not disappoint, please do not hesitate, let's connect today at anna@studyandwork.com.au!


I 'm a Talent Acquisition Specialist at STUDYANDWORK for over 2 years, helping people find the perfect role is my goal. I have a bachelor’s degree in business and commerce specialising in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. If you are looking for opportunities in Sydney then I’m your guy, focusing on the Engineering, HR, Accounting, IT, Marketing and Management sectors. You can reach out and contact me at waiss@studyandwork.com.au


I am a LinkedIn Certified Recruiter & Human Resource Professional with 8+ years of technical and non-technical recruiting expertise in domains like IT, Pharma/Medical device, Manufacturing, aerospace, Engineering, Semiconductor, defence, Healthcare and Non-IT Domain for US Based & Global Clients. I possess 7+ years of experience in recruiting, onboarding, managing consultants and preparing and managing subcontracts, Recruitment Transformation, Change management, Career Coaching, Mentoring, HR, Training/Facilitation, Sales and Marketing. I have done Bachelors in Computer Application from Kalinga University Raipur India and few certification on frontend technologies like HTML, CSS, Java & love to design website & practice coding & programming in my free time along with playing cricket & table tennis. You can reach out and contact me at rakesh@studyandwork.com.au


Believe that there are no limitations, no barriers to your success – you will be empowered, and you will achieve. I am a Talent Acquisition Specialist at STUDYANDWORK with demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Building contacts with potential clients to create new business opportunities. Responsible for sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees in a company.
The applicant is the centre of my universe. You are welcome to contact me to discuss about your needs at jacob@studyandwork.com.au


Fancy words and Fancy worlds” are always going to be confusing. Life isn’t a movie and it’s not always fair. What always matters is to take a peek into the reality and never live by any regrets. Lesser the regrets, the life becomes more comforting later on. I always live by my own principle of speaking the truth and not sugar-coating anything, so I hope to continue living with the same and provide my advice and suggestions to the candidates in a way they can build a strong foundation of their career and make decisions wisely. They say opportunities knocks your door once; but I say opportunities are not limited and if you ever feel it is, always remember, a bend in the road is not the end of the road…Unless you fail to make the turn. And you’re always one decision away from a totally different life!.
I am engaged with STUDYANDWORK as a Business Development Executive and have been working with numerous clients and candidates based in Melbourne. You are more than welcome to discuss your career aspirations with me at scarlett@studyandwork.com.au