Host an Intern - Make a difference!

Our Professional Internship Program leads to a win-win-win situation as it is good for the interns, good for your business and good for Australia's skill building!

Intern gains valuable real world experience and a chance to prove their skills.

Your business gains an extra pair of helping hands and satisfaction of helping someone with their career readiness skills.

Australia gains a skilled worker who starts contributing towards our economic growth.

We help university students and graduates enter the industry by tapping into their skills to meet the needs of Australian businesses cost-effectively and efficiently. Our Professional Internship Program will give you an opportunity to assess the skills, talent and insights of high achieving and career ready graduates at low financial costs and hiring risks.

• We will source suitable interns who will work for your business under supervision for 12 weeks to gain work experience related to their degree qualification.
• Your business will not be responsible for payment of their salary and entitlements because the internship placement does not constitute the employer-employee relationship between your business and intern.
• We will organise internship agreement with training plan and necessary insurances so that both the parties’ expectations are met, are fully covered for risks and become part of a genuine work experience program that meets the guidelines of Fair Work Ombudsman.

Are unpaid internships legal?
To be lawful, businesses need to ensure that the intern or work experience participant is not an employee. According to Fair Work Ombudsman, work experience arrangement or internship is when a person works for a business to gain experience in a particular occupation or industry. These arrangements can be a valuable way for prospective employees to make the transition from study to work or explore a new career path. Sometimes these arrangements span several months and can lead to ongoing employment.

An unpaid internship can be lawful if it is a vocational placement or if there is no employment relationship found to exist. In particular:
• the intern is permitted to perform “productive” activities as long as such tasks are part of their learning experience,
• the main benefit of the arrangement should be to the intern, and
• it must be clear that the intern is receiving a meaningful learning experience, training or skill development.

Why host an intern through Budding Talents Recruitment?
We make sure that the main benefit of our genuine work placement flows to the intern. We provide them with a satisfaction guarantee. We have proper grievance policies in place to deal with possible dissatisfactions during the internship.

We are proud to inform you that Budding Talents Recruitment was approached by Fair Work Ombudsman in 2010 and 2018 to investigate whether our internship program is breaching any of the workplace laws. After auditing our placement process thoroughly and considering the fact that there were no concerns lodged against Budding Talents Recruitment with Fair work Ombudsman till date, Fair Work Ombudsman announced that Budding Talents Recruitment is meeting its obligations under the Commonwealth workplace laws and no further action would be taken. This is a proof that we operate with honesty and integrity, and we are fully compliant.

  • You will gain an extra pair of helping hands for 12 weeks whilst you help them with their career readiness skills.
  • The natural eagerness of truly serious interns to get into the ‘real world’ and practice some part of what they learned at university make them a genuine asset almost immediately.
  • By delegating unproductive tasks to interns, your staff will have more time to focus on productive tasks.
  • By providing training and feedback to interns, your staff will develop their supervisory skills.
  • Interns can be seamlessly converted into your staff by employing them as soon as they become productive team members.
  • Interns who become your staff cost less in terms of salary and they are usually loyal because you are changing their life by giving the precious opportunity.

We have both student and graduate interns looking for work experience in their field of study. Depending on your business requirements and their area of expertise, they can:

  • Assist with research, reporting, design & testing, analysis, project management, operational coordination, quality control, administrative duties etc.
  • Contribute by job-shadowing in the day to day operation of accounting, finance, marketing, information technology, human resources, operations, logistics, legal or engineering departments.

We have two types of interns:

  • Interns who will cost you nothing as they are self-funding the costs of internship placement.
  • Premium Interns who will cost you a one off placement fee of $2,000+GST upon successful placement. It covers the costs of sourcing a suitable intern guaranteed for 12 weeks and administering their placement.

Please contact us on 1300 79 80 69 to discuss your requirements or simply complete the Intern Request Form online. We will source a number of suitable interns for your consideration. Upon successful interview, we will organise their internship agreement and insurances to let them join your team on the agreed start date.

We have placed more than 5,000 interns in over 2,000 Australian and multinational businesses since 2007. You can also create an internship position to take part in this exciting internship program that leads to win-win-win situation as it is good for interns, good for your business and good for Australia’s skills-building. 

We look forward to finding you a star intern!

Trial a young person in your business and get help with wage and training costs

Youth Job PaTH - an Australian Government Initiative
  • Trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks to find out if they're the right fit for your business.
  • Get $1,000 to help cover the costs of the trial.
  • During the trial, you don't pay the young person. Instead, the Australian Government gives them $200 a fortnight on top of their income support and covers their insurance.
  • If you decide to hire the young person you may be eligible to receive either $6,500 or $10,000.
  • We charge a one off placement fee of $2,000+GST upon successful placement in PaTH internship.

To be eligible to host an internship, your business must have a reasonable prospect of employment for the intern following the internship. This means you either have a vacancy that needs filling, you will likely have a vacancy following the internship, or you have a regular pattern of recruitment. By delegating your support level tasks to the intern and providing them proper supervision and training when necessary, you and your staff will have extra time to focus on more creative and productive tasks. Thus, you may be able to create a new position for the intern!

Businesses are required to maintain a safe work environment and provide your candidate with a supervisor and an induction appropriate to the activities and workplace of the trial. To make the trial as beneficial as possible for your business and the intern, you should set meaningful and diverse tasks. Currently, we have many enthusiastic and skilled interns available for the follwing roles:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Customer Service
  • Retail Assistant
  • IT Assistant
  • Digital Marketing
  • Hospitatity Staff
  • Graduates from most fields of study
We support only those internships that give career path to the interns. We do not believe that the job seeker has to work for free to prove their skills for an unskilled job.

We can help you source the right intern. We will interview and shortlist the candidates so you get only the best. Please contact us on 1300 79 80 69 to discuss your business needs. We will advertise, source and screen the potential candidates and provide you with a shortlist of 2 to 3 best candidates for interview. Once you select the right candidate for trial, we will work with you and Government employment service provider to organise the site assessment and then finalise internship agreement and insurance cover.

We look forward to finding you a star team member.