Career Development Placement Program

"Australian Work Experience"

ONGOING JOB PLACEMENT PROGRAM with placement guaranteed for 1 year!

  • You need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience.
  • Most jobseekers will only pay attention to jobs advertised on popular job search sites thus making it a competitive marketplace.
  • Most of the advertised job vacancies are managed by recruitment agencies who work for the best interest of employers. They aren't there to help you, they are there to look for flaws and weaknesses in order to eliminate you from the list of applicants.
  • Most job vacancies are filled through referrals and internal promotions.

If you want to secure the job you desperately want and deserve, you must market yourself directly to the employers. You can do it yourself by connecting with employers,which can seem quite daunting/overwhelming! OR you can let us do it on your behalf. We will market you to potential employers, place you in the right job and support you during the placement.

Budding Talents Recruitment has developed an exciting "ongoing job placement program" called Career Development Placement Program to assist you kick-start your career in Australia. The Career Development Placement Program is designed to assist:

  • Aspiring recent graduates looking to start and strengthen their careers
  • New permanent skilled migrants with established overseas track records looking to enter the Australian workforce

If you are a recent graduate with limited or no relevant work experience, you may find it quite challenging to secure a break into your career job and the job hunting process may take you several months without leading to a fruitful outcome. If you are an international student on Graduate Skilled Visa, you have a very short window of opportunity to secure a year of professional work experience in order to qualify for Permanent Residence Visa.

If you are a recent permanent skilled migrant to Australia, you may be surprised to learn that it may easily take you 6-12 months or longer to secure an appropriate career position after relocating here. You could be one of those many talented and highly qualified individuals who are grossly under-employed after moving to Australia. In fact, many overseas professionals effectively see their careers end in Australia from lack of local work experience, cultural awareness or from poor career transition skills.

Most recruitment agencies will not entertain recent graduates and permanent skilled migrants due to lack of Australian work experience and you must have realised by researching jobsites that the majority of job vacancies are handled by recruitment agencies. The good news is, while they say NO to your job application, at Budding Talents Recruitment, we say WHY NOT?

We have helped thousands of recent graduates and permanent skilled migrants secure job and career outcomes that were previously unattainable through their own efforts. Career Development Placement Program offers aspiring graduates and permanent skilled migrants a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study or overseas profession to successful career job in Australia.

Career Development Placement Program is a one year job placement program. Under this program, we will market you to a number of potential employers and try to secure interviews. We will help you prepare for the interview by providing you useful interview tips and details about the vacant position and the employer so that you have a higher chance of success at the interview. Upon successful interview, we will help you negotiate your salary with the employer and our strategy will be to help you get your foot in the door by asking for a reasonable salary of between $45K and $70K pa depending on your qualifications. Once you are placed in the ongoing permanent job, we will conduct your performance appraisals after 6 and 12 weeks to help you learn and progress on the job so that you qualify for a payrise. We will guarantee your employment for the first 1 year and if it gets terminated within that period, we will find you another similar job as per our terms of business. You can stay with the company until you decide to look for a better job opportunity.

We work with quality employers - small, medium & large - from various industries that value your skills, see you as an investment, are willing to train you on the job, and those who encourage diversity & equal employment opportunity in the workplace.


Our general criteria for acceptance are:

  • You must have graduated from a course that is relevant to the area of placement.
  • Excellent level of English. This equates to overall IELTS score of 7.0.
  • You must have the right attitude (e.g. willingness to learn) and the right aptitude (e.g. communication & job skills).
  • You must be the holder of the correct visa and adhere to relevant visa regulations with regards to work conditions.
  • Abide by the Career Development Placement Program Terms and Conditions.

You are more likely to get short-listed for Career Development Placement Program if you have completed an internship or have some work experience in the related field in Australia or overseas and you have achieved credit to distinction average grade in your university course.

Area of Placement

Currently, Career Development Placement Program is available in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Engineering. We have placement opportunities available in the following roles:

  • Assistant Accountant
  • Accounts Assistant
  • HR Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Finance Assistant
  • Planning Coordinator
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Sales Consultant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • Software Tester
  • Network Administrator
  • Database Administrator
  • Support Technician
  • Junior Business Analyst
  • IT Project Coordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Junior Architect
  • Draftsperson
  • Estimator
  • Project Assistant
  • Quality Assurance Officer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Design Engineer
  • Site Engineer

and more

Placement Process

We make sure that you achieve the most out of the career development placement opportunity. We use the following process to match you with quality host companies and to ensure that the placement is of mutual benefit:

1 Participant submits application form and support documents online or in person
2 Participant is interviewed by our Placement Consultant and their career aspirations and competencies discussed
3 Upon successful application, it will be processed further
4 Participant's expertise qualified and customised profile prepared
5 Participant's customised profile supplied to Host Company
6 Participant is briefed about Host Company, role and interview techniques
7 Participant's interview conducted by Host Company
8 Feedback given to both Participant and Host Company
9 Upon successful interview, negotiate salary with Host Company on behalf of Participant.
Confirmation of placement letter is sent to the Participant along with a copy of the employment contract and the invoice for Program Fee
10 Job Description and Training Plan for Participant are negotiated with the Host Company
12 Placement commences
13 Facilitate Performance Appraisal of Participant by Host Company in Week 6 and feedback given to both
14 Facilitate Final Performance Appraisal of Participant by Host Company in Week 12 and feedback given to Participant
15 Request Host Company for Salary Review on behalf of Participant

Program Fee

The program fee for career advice, interview preparation, salary negotiation, placement and ongoing support during the placement is $4,400 including GST.

The program fee will be discounted proportionately if it is a part-time job placement.

You pay the program fee only when you are given a job offer with the confirmed start date by the employer and you accept that offer.


Special Payment Plan

Our commitment to help recent graduates and permanent skilled migrants in financial difficulty:

At Budding Talents Recruitment, we recognise that some of our customers struggle to pay our program fee. This can be due to various financial difficulties or personal circumstances. These difficulties may be only for a short while or until they secure a career job. Thus, for those who are experiencing difficulties, we offer flexible payment options which allow them to pay our program fee in 4 equal monthly instalments of $1,100. Isn't that great?

Salary on Offer

Your salary will depend on the job, your qualifications & experience, and any awards that the employers fall under. Our strategy will be to help you get your foot in the door at a reasonable salary first and request for a review once you have settled down in the role and had a chance to prove your skills and worth. Your salary will vary from $45K to $60K per annum for a full-time graduate role but professionals with overseas work experience can expect between $50K and $70K per annum. You will also be paid superannuation and other employment benefit entitlements.

Our Terms of Business

Budding Talents Recruitment guarantees the job placement during the first year of employment, which means:

  • We will maintain regular contact with both you and your employer during the first year of placement to ensure that you learn and progress on the job.
  • If the placement terminates within 12 months of the commencement date, then we will find another similar placement at no extra charge. Should we be unable to find another similar placement within 4 weeks of the date of notification of termination of placement, we will refund 75% from your paid fees if terminated within 3 months of the commencement date and if terminated after 3 months of the commencement date, we will refund 25% from your paid fees.
  • If the placement terminates after 12 months of commencement date, we will make every effort possible to arrange further interviews and/or job offers however will be unable to guarantee the placement.
  • In most cases, if the employer wishes to terminate the employment contract after completion of probationary period, you will be given 1 month notice in writing or in lieu of such notice an equivalent 1 month's salary payment will be made.
  • You will adhere to the employer's standard terms of employment.
Start Date

Career Development Placement opportunities are available throughout the year.

Please note that due to a large number of applications we receive but limited placement opportunities available, we may not be able to work in your case immediately. As a consequence if you do not get short-listed within two months, it means that we do not currently have any placement openings that match your skills-set. We will continue to search for suitable placement opportunities on your behalf for up to six months, after which your details will be deleted from our database.

How to Apply

Please apply online by completing our Online Application Form. Call us on 1300 79 80 69 for more information.

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