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STUDYANDWORK is a unique career management & recruitment agency that has successfully tapped into the skills of trainees, graduates and professionals to meet the staffing needs of Australian employers who are looking to increase their staff productivity cost-effectively and efficiently.

Since 2007, we have matched over 2,000 great jobseekers with more than 750 reputed Australian companies. Many candidates we placed in entry level or junior roles have progressed into challenging and senior roles as Financial Controllers, Accountants, Programmers, System Administrators, Business Analysts, HR Coordinators, Design Engineers etc., enjoying high salaries and career satisfaction.

We help build careers & change lives

We have been helping trainees, graduates and skilled migrants secure career outcomes that were previously unattainable through their own efforts. Our Career Management Programs offer aspiring trainees, graduates and skilled migrants a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study or overseas profession to a successful career job in Australia. We believe in the philosophy: Hire the attitude and train the skill! Raw Talent + Awesome Attitude is a better attribute combination than Highly Experienced + Bad Attitude.

The STUDYANDWORK difference

Many Australian companies and recruitment agencies may reject job applications from graduates and skilled migrants using their lack of work experience and cultural fit as common excuses. The good news is that while they may say NO, we say WHY NOT? At STUDYANDWORK, we help you achieve work experience by changing the employers’ misinformed perceptions by providing them excellent staff like you who may be lacking in work experience but are hardworking, enthusiastic and desperate to learn & grow. We minimise their risks associated with hiring a person by letting them Try Before Hire through one of our staffing solutions which always lead to a win-win-win situation as they are good for the candidates, good for the business and great for Australia’s skills crisis!

We work on your behalf

We help you market to the potential employers by promoting your strengths, areas of expertise, core competencies, academic achievements, second language skills, cultural benefits, work rights and relevant work experience in Australia or overseas. We act as your covering letter and a referee as it always sounds better when someone else says good things about you rather than you blowing your own trumpet!

We provide Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that we provide the best career management programs in the market to help you enter the job market. We make sure that you always get the best out of the work experience opportunity. We have achieved hundreds of success stories and happy customer endorsements which prove our claim. We provide 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means if you are not satisfied with the work experience offered by the host company, we’ll find you a replacement internship that will make you happy.

We specialise in Support Talent

We have internship, traineeship and job placement opportunities available in the areas of Accounting, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Information Technology and Engineering within small to large Australian companies operating in various industries.

We have programs to suit your individual career needs

If you are a student in the final year or a recent graduate without any relevant work experience, we recommend:

Professional Internship Program

You will be placed into an unpaid internship in a reputed Australian company for up to 3 months of on-the-job training. You will get the vital work experience needed to get your foot in the door and take the first step towards your career goal. You may end up getting a job offer from the host company depending on their staffing need and your job performance. (Program fees apply. Program run in compliance with Fair Work Ombudsman’s guidelines)

If you are a recent graduate or a skilled migrant with limited relevant work experience, we recommend:

Practical Placement Program

You will be placed into a paid ongoing job in a reputed Australian company. We will manage your career during your first year of employment by helping you learn and progress on the job while you get paid an annual salary of between $40K-$65K depending on your skills and the job. (Program fees apply)

If you are a recent school leaver or a spouse of a skilled migrant and do not hold any Australian qualifications equal to or higher than a Certificate III, we recommend:

Australian Traineeship Program

You will be placed into a traineeship job in a reputed Australian company. You will learn on the job, complete a vocational Certificate IV qualification and get paid trainee wages.

If you are a qualified candidate with more than a year of relevant work experience, we recommend:

Professional Job Placement

You will be placed in a suitable professional job in a reputed Australian company. You will get paid a salary commensurate with experience.

Note that the eligibility criteria applies and you must successfully complete the selection process of the employer to achieve placement. Please click on the program titles to find out more information about them.

We work with quality companies

Our clients represent leading Australian and multinational companies from various industries. Below is a sample:

  • Pacific Network Global Logistics
  • LG Electronics Australia
  • Philips Australia
  • SS & C Technologies Australia
  • Pro-Pac Packaging Limited
  • UTI Australia
  • Ligare Group
  • The Mantra Group of Hotels
  • Seafolly Australia
  • Veolia Environmental Services Australia
  • Accor Advantage Plus
  • KOI Group
  • The Board of Studies NSW
  • Teleplan
  • Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems Australia
  • Pinpoint
  • LS Travel Retail Pacific
  • Frontier Software
  • Parker Hannifin Australia
  • Bell Partners Chartered Accountants

A fair go for all

We welcome expression of interest from local students & graduates, pre-professionals, professionals, skilled migrants and international students with valid Australian work visas.

We look forward to helping you achieve your dream job!

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